Gender Roles And The Ideal Society

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Everyone has their own definition of what a “perfect world” would be. Richard Wasserstrom in “Sex Roles and the Ideal Society” states that in an assimilationist ideal society, a person’s sex should be as unimportant as eye color is in our society today.1 But should we just ignore a person’s sex all together to make the world equal? A different opinion from Phyllis Schlafly in “The Power of the Positive Woman” states that sex should be a relevant factor in family roles and social roles.² But should a person’s sex completely dictate what they can or cannot do within their family and in society? In this paper I will argue that Wasserstrom’s ideal society will not work because I think that eventually humans would naturally make general gender roles based on the different activities that each sex excels in. I agree, to some extent, with Schlafly’s that sex should be a relevant factor with reference to roles in the family and society. In my ideal society, there would be a balance in social and family roles, which would be based on an individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses. In this utopia, complete equality is possible, unlike in Wasserstrom’s and Schlafly’s.
Wasserstrom’s supports the conclusion that to allocate social roles to individuals based on their sex is inherently unjust. He goes through different arguments as to why he thinks we should do away with sex roles. One argument was that within these roles are not the behaviors we would be naturally, but due to these…
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