Gender Roles And The Japanese Culture

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There are many different genres of manga. Each and every one of these genres has faced changes as the years progress due to the culture of Japan changing. Things like political changes, social changes, foreign influences and the like have all affect the Japanese culture. The changing culture made way for new ideas to be brought into manga. Two genres in particular have been affected by these changes, shounen and shoujo manga. Shounen manga is defined as being made for young boys. On the other hand, shoujo manga is defined as a being geared towards young girls. Cultural changes have affected shounen and shoujo manga in the portrayal of sexuality, gender roles, and the promotion of other aspects of daily life that were never truly looked at…show more content…
This was due to American occupation post-WW2. Americans feared the war propaganda of the 1930s and ‘40s. The sub-genre began making its way back during the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. However it had significantly changed, “Many of these new stories focused on the positive aspects of war: heroism and bravery against insurmountable odds and often impossible circumstances (Johnson-Woods).” It showed the struggles of the civilians as well as the soldiers in war torn countries.
Horror has also become a very popular sub-genre in shounen mangas. A few of them feature the horrors of the Japanese school system. Death Note is one example of an extremely popular horror manga in the broader shounen genre. Other popular genres include historical manga which usually coincide with the action or adventure genres. The most common focus of historical mangas in the shounen genre are the samurai. The manga has recently returned to the concept of good versus evil. Mechas are also extremely popular. The shounen genre will “...typically follow the pattern of the heroic journey (Johnson-Woods).” On the other hand there is the shoujo genre that goes about things in a different way.
The shoujo genre has changed significantly since it was first created. The creator of the genre is highly debated but many people believe it to be Takahashi Macoto. Shoujo is unique because it is mainly a guide for
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