Gender Roles And The Media

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In the 21st century, we see women in the media have many roles that men have, such as, police officer, doctor and running to become president, while a nurse and teacher have emerged as both men and women jobs. Over time, the media show how gender role had changed but are what the media is showing the truth about the gender roles in the United States. Historian and scholar had written about this subject of gender roles and how the media affect our view.
Thesis statement
Reality vs. Fiction Is the media giving the public a reality of how gender roles are portrayed during a period or is it a fiction story that helps people cope with the fact of gender role during the time. “The media played an important role as people tried to deal with and interpreted the social change in their midst.”
In “A Thoroughbred girl” image of female gender role in turn of the century media. They give the history of women and how they should act by telling a story. Janet Mickish and Patricia Searles article published in 1984, even though this article is over 32-year-old, their viewpoint is still a subject that is still talked about today. Mickish and Searles analyze The Ladies home Journal, which first published in 1883, but they pick articles that issued in 1905. Patricia Searles and Janet Mickish are not a historian, but many others have cited their work over the year. Melissa R. Klapper books, Jewish Girl 's Coming of Age in America, 1860-1920 use Mickish and Searle 's article in her…
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