Gender Roles And The Society

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Gender Roles and Inequity are important because we live in a society that is very judgmental. Many women have struggled with the chance to have equal opportunities as men before I was even thought about coming into this world. Many families remain together because of the work the woman puts in. However the woman never gets the acknowledgement they deserve for their commitment. The effort and devotion of the woman has always been unshakable in all cultures. However, the honor and accountability women receive from the society and men is completely unfair. Women have to struggle to get the equality inside their house and place of employment not to mention respect in the overall society as one. This causes a women to become worn out while at the same time trying to maintain their task as well as struggling for their chance of equal rights. It is known that racism and sexism are one in the same because of the unfair prejudice applied to them. Things may have changed to allow women to work next to men, however women will probably never make the same wage or have as much ability as men. No matter how much women struggle they will never give up on their chance for what’s fair. Discrimination in the place we work is still common in the 21st century just like it was in the 19th century. Because of this women are getting paid under wages and are being forced to overwork. First I will be discussing gender roles in the house, then will go into detail about gender roles at the place of

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