Gender Roles Are A Conception Of Femininity And Masculinity Essay

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Women in Advertisements
Gender roles are a conception of femininity and masculinity. The gender roles for men and women in society are partially constituted of individual thinking. These conceptions and gender roles are not completely biological but also social and cultural. Women are earning advanced degrees and are entering careers which have been traditionally dominated by men. But women are still depicted as images of beauty and sexuality in movies, video games and advertisements. This paper explores the ways in which women continue to be depicted in society; specifically how women are portrayed in advertisements, the negative impact they make on women and the patriarchy that they depict. Highly sexualized images of women’s bodies put them on centre stage to be looked at, judged and evaluated. Not only does it put women in vulnerable positions, but hypothesizes male dominance. Women are being objectified and taken advantage of in advertisements by being presented as a “fantasy element”.
This paper will analyze the topic from a feminist theory perspective, specifically Marxist feminist theory, which defines gender inequality with women’s position in society.
Feminism has been on the rise lately with a desire towards creating gender equality. Despite all the constant efforts, men and woman are still portrayed within their traditional roles. Women are primarily featured in advertisements for beauty products, cleaning products and toiletries. They are shown cleaning,
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