Gender Roles Are Not New For History

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Gender roles are not new to history; they have always been a part of society. Throughout history men have had predetermined roles as well as women. However, these roles have been ever evolving and changing. Society has always confined people of any sexual identity to the cookie cutter roles of gender, whether they fit or not. One thing that has never changed, only multiplied, is the pedestal of sensual appeal that women were thrust upon. While women have almost always served the same purpose in men’s eyes, some of the roles that are recognized as feminine today were passed down from men (Boboltz 1). A common reasoning behind high heels, for example, is that women wear them to improve posture, increase height, and to make a fashion statement. While this may be true today, high heels were in fact not invented by women for women (Boboltz 1). The origin of high heels are traceable back to the use of male Persian soldiers (Boboltz). These men are said to have invented the raised heels in order to help them mount their horses. Heels were “essential to the fighting styles of Persia” (Kremer 1). Persian soldiers supposedly invented heels in order to secure their mounting of the horse so that in the process arrows could be shot as well as when riding the horse (Kremer).
The Persian heels started to make their way to Western Europe in the late sixteenth century. Aristocrats of Spain, Germany, and Russia were all introduced to this new marvel, and suddenly they became a…
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