Gender Roles During The Late 70 's And Today 's Society

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Atypical Gender Roles
In Jamaica Kincaid’s story, Girl, a mother is talking to her daughter about all the proper things she must do to be considered a good girl to her family and to the public, and when she grows up, a proper lady. She must follow the rules that are given to her by her own mother and by society. The mother also teaches the daughter how to act when things don’t go her way. She is told that along with being a proper lady, she must also be able to get what she wants and be independent. This story was written in the late 1970’s and gender roles, for women, back then were not being “followed” because women wanted equal opportunities (Women In the Workforce). “Gender stereotypes are beliefs regarding the traits and behavioral characteristics given to individuals on the basis of their gender” (Deuhr). This essay will discuss the gender roles that were given to women in the story, during the late 70’s, and in today’s society.
“Wash the color clothes on Tuesday and put them on the clothesline to dry” (Kincaid). A little girl is being told that she needs to do the jobs around the house now and when she’s older so her house is in tip-top shape. “Gender stereotypes begin the second a baby’s gender if found out.” (Brewer). They are taught at a young age to do work around the house to help the mother, to tend to their husbands and to be a homemaker (PBS). “Women are supposed to cook and do housework. Women are responsible for raising children” (Brewer). That is what…
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