Gender Roles During The Years Men And Women Essay

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Gender Roles in Society Over the years men and women have been given gender roles that they are pressured to follow. According to Amy Blackstone, “gender roles are based on the different expectations that individuals, groups and societies have of individuals based on their sex…” (2003). In other words, gender roles are social norms and expectations, created and accepted by society, based on a person’s gender. There have been different gender roles throughout the different time eras and in some eras the gender roles have been strongly enforced. Today, many people believe that gender roles do not really exist in society anymore; however the pressure on gender roles given by society is present now more than ever, even if it is subtle. Individuals are still given expectations by society based on their gender. For boys or men, they are expected to be more masculine, aggressive and strong, while women or girls on the other hand, are expected to be feminine, calm, friendly and caring (Wood, 1994). These gender roles given by society to men and women must be removed because they do not allow a person to express their identity. Gender Roles To understand the effect of gender roles on a person’s identity, there must be a deeper understanding of what gender roles are. The first step in understanding the term ‘gender roles’, is to understand the term ‘gender’. There is a universal misconception of the social term ‘gender’ because it is confused with the term ‘sex’ (Blackstone, 2003).
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