Gender Roles, Feminism, And Feminism

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Correspondently to breaking down gender roles, feminism plays an important role in Chicana/o literature. In Lopez’s Real Women Have Curves feminism is defined in accordance to the Chicana/o community and differently from 60s and 70s white feminism that did not considered intersectionalities (Ruiz, Lecture, 4/5/16). In the play Ana tries to empower the women by preaching about the power of taking control of their bodies, sexuality, and ultimate their destiny; however Estela harshly stops her with: “Ya, ya, Norma Rae, get off and get back to work!” and is supported by Panchas’s comment “Mira, all those gringas shouting about liberation hasn 't done a thing for me…” (Act 1, Scene 3). This reflects of the little affect or no affect at all of the liberation movement to women of color. This scene testifies that in order to have real women liberation that would benefit all women, feminism should be take a holistic approach and take inconsideration class, race, sexually and gender. At the same time, the play is a work of women of color feminism as it deconstructs the traditional idea of beauty (white, tall and skinny women) and highlights the importance of learning to love the drown body. In Act 2, Scene 3: the women undress and stop feeling ashamed for their stretch marks or for being what society considers oversized. Real Women Have Curves raises awareness of the importance to look at feminism from a holistic and cultural relativism approach without ignoring women of color
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