Gender Roles : Forbidden And Gender

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Gender Roles in Forbidden Gender has been a highly relevant topic of discussion in recent years, with more and more individuals being aware of the gender roles that society places on individuals. With education has come activism, and the question of how individuals perpetuate these roles. Women, in particular, have faced harsh criticisms based upon stereotypes placed on them. Essentially, there are four main ways that typical gender roles placed by society can be classified or broken down into. The first classification is based upon personality traits. When looking at the expected personality traits, in order to fit women should be meek and quiet, whereas men are supposed to be dominant. Seeing as this is the norm, outgoing women who go…show more content…
At this time, unlike the present day, there was extreme segregation and laws in place to separate African American individuals from those who were white. Eddy heads out on a long journey west, and encounters a man who attempts to take advantage of her. As she escapes him, after being overpowered and robbed, she is rescued by two men. One of these two men is Rhine Fontaine, a black man who passes as white. He is an influential man, and Eddy’s rescue is the talk of the town. After Eddy is rescued, she recovers for some time and later becomes a cook. Her cooking captivates Rhine, who pursues her romantically. As many women were in that time, Eddy is sheltered from sexual feelings. In fact, she is quite shocked when she finds out that post-recovery she even slept in a man’s bed. With all of these events, Jenkins’ portrays that although Eddy acts strong, she is still a part of a damsel in distress situation. Her rescue, for example, is a big event that plays on gender stereotypes. Eddy was portrayed as a weak woman in need of desperate help from a man. After she is rescued, the men are praised. During her recovery, Eddy on several occasions mentions how she hates having to rest. Rhine insists on her staying put in bed. In this scenario, Rhine is the one with power. He is the one in control. As well, her occupation in general is one big gender stereotype, as she is a cook. Throughout history, gender roles implied women were to have jobs based around the home, like
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