Gender Roles : Gender And Gender

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Many people don’t know the difference between gender and sex. Sex is anatomical and biological. Gender role can be defined as a person’s inner sense of how a male or female should feel and behave. Culture and society are two important factors in relation to this particular topic. This implies that various societies and cultures may produce children and later fully grown men and women who may have diverse perspectives of a man or a woman’s place or role in the world around them; this is often determined by their culture’s gender stereotypes. Gender roles are the products of interactions between individuals and their environments, and they give certain cues about the behavior that is acceptable based upon their sex. Members of the society must learn the appropriate way for them to behave and what is actually expected of them as well as others. These roles are also based on norms or standards created by society.
Culture definitely plays a major role in the determination of gender roles. Socialization in most cultures has a direct link to the final product of a human being. Culture dictates at a very young age, beginning at birth. Boys and girls are separated by gender at birth by being distinguished by the color blanket that they may be wrapped in or hat that they may wear, for boys being blue and girls pink. As they grow older in becoming toddlers, they also are taught different roles. For example, boys are taught to play with trucks, trains, and action figures, swords, etc.
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