Gender Roles Have A Negative Impact On Society

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Gender roles have a negative impact on our society. Attitudes come from a personal point of view and affect how we view other people. Also, our society has attitudes about gender roles, which is something we cannot help but do. Lastly, attitudes are capable of influencing us and our decisions. These points will show you that gender roles are a negative towards people in our society. Attitudes are complex ideas that our minds make about other people. First, an attitude is how we feel about someone or something. To connect with this idea, a gender role is how someone from a specific gender is supposed to act. An attitude of a gender role is how you feel about how someone acts, based on their gender. Secondly, attitudes come from a personal point of view. Society is a big factor in our attitudes. We have grown up with the idea that blue is favoured for boys, and pink is specific to girls. When you walk down the girls aisle at a toy store, things are mostly made up of pink and purple materials. If you go down the boys aisle, there are blues, greens and oranges. It has always been like this. This has made boys dislike pinks and purples, and vice versa for girls. I strongly think that if boys want to like pink, they should not avoid it because of the way society has taught them. Thirdly, attitudes affect the way we view other people. This primarily depends on how a person acts towards you. If they are rude, mean or disrespectful to you, your attitude of them would be bad. If…
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