Gender Roles Have Plagued Our Society

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Gender roles have plagued our society for centuries. Women have always been expected to cook, clean, and take care of children, while men provided for the family. In the past few decades these stereotypes have supposedly diminished, and women are now supposed to be equal to men. However, this is not the case. Gender roles, and stereotypes still perpetuate our society today, and create an environment suitable solely for men, while women continue to suffer the consequences of these gender roles society has implicated.

Gender roles are in my mind defined as certain tasks, jobs, or other factors that only a man, or only a woman are able to do. The article “Gender stereotypes hindering women in the workplace” goes in depth when describing how it is not even factors such as childrearing that keep women out of top positions in companies, but rather the fact that people still believe women are inferior to men. This keeps women from being able to achieve the same ambitions that men have, simply because they are a woman. Even women who are in top executive positions within companies, only 7% of those women have roles pertaining directly to a company’s profits. To me this shows that these men that control these companies, feel we are inferior, and not capable of controlling any aspect of profits, that we are somehow lesser than them. The article “Saudi’s in Bikini’s” goes into this gender stereotype as well, portraying how Saudi women are oppressed by men in their society. The author…
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