Gender Roles In An American Family

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4. The majority of opportunities presented to any American family are largely based upon their current social class. Depending on which class position a family falls, wealth or poverty is directly related to the lifestyle, income, and choices made readily available. An example being while most consider the Internet a necessity, it is in fact a luxury and those without readily available access are limited by experiences services that otherwise would enrich and enhance like higher education and specialized services. Economic inequalities further limits prospects given as those families in the lower to middle class range as they are prone to work for lower salaries, despite some individuals being highly skilled at a craft. Many of these workers are further limited to what are considered working class or blue collar jobs due to the lack of education, like a college degree, or being connected with…show more content…
There are traditional gender roles for both men and women that where designed to define the difference between genders. Males are expected to separate themselves from anything deemed feminine such as dolls. They should also have a successful occupation, one that provides not just for them but also a family. Finally men should display a demeanor of confidence, toughness and self-reliance while not expressing emotions or being sensitive unless the male desires being humiliated. Females should be attentive, physically attractive listeners who shower their male counterparts with affection after every accomplishment. She also should put her families, to include children, need before her own. It is also important to note that the traditional woman is not competitive as that is a trait reserved for males. Stressors accompany individuals trying to fulfill what are conceived traditional genders by place restrictions on expanding outside what is preconceived. Depression, confusion, and hopelessness can result as persons try to adhere to what is deemed acceptable by
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