Gender Roles In Disne Disney Princess Films

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While it’s widely known that men dominate board rooms, newsrooms, and political offices, it’s arguably less obvious that they also determine what viewers see when they are relaxing in front of the TV or theater screen. It is not surprising that the male-dominant culture of Hollywood display itself in a lack of female characters. “With a lack of women behind the camera comes with a lack of women’s speaking roles and screen presence (Missouri, M. 2014).” When female characters are present, sexist stereotypes often convert them into little more than background props- the “damsel in distress” who is often saved by a male hero or the “dream girl” who attracts a male protagonist. Because Hollywood is so male-dominated, films and television often gives a limited perspective on women themselves. Viewers see only that the world is driven by men which sends women and girls troubling message and harm.…show more content…
Many women have gone into jobs once thought to be male oriented, but make only a fraction of what their male counterparts do. Looking at male and female characters in animations, one can see how those two genders are portrayed differently in terms of their roles. Male characters have been more prominent and portrayed as more likely to have a recognizable job, more independent, assertive, intelligent, athletic, important, competent, technical, confident, responsible, and stronger than female characters.
For example, Tarzan was adopted by a tribe of the strongest mammals on earth which are gorillas, and spent his formative years imitating them. Gorillas are known for being strong and very dominant which Tarzan share the same characteristics. The entire film displayed his defined muscles, and Tarzan killed a vicious saber-toothed leopard with only a pointy
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