Gender Roles In Little Mommy

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The views of the time about women and men in the workplace were reflected through the story “Little Mommy” written in 1959. The story showed how women were the house keepers, the nurtures of the children, and the person to care for the house. The man was viewed as independent. He made his own money, bought his own cars, and held less of a role in his children’s lives.
The author of this book showed a little girl being a “mommy.” Each page showed a task that a mommy should perform. For example the little girl is shown playing with her babies (dolls), washing dishes, sweeping the floor, and washing clothes. There is one page in the book that mentions the daddy. He is shown in a car. The author explains that “he works in the city” then the author asks, if we as readers, think that his “car is pretty?” Since this book was written in the late 50’s there was a large emphasis on the woman being at home taking care of the house and the kids; while the father went to work to provide money for his family. This
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One of the examples from this book that disturbed me the most was “Boys invent things. Girls use the things boys invent.” These two pages of the book alone showed the sexism of the author. The author was implying that boys are handymen and are capable of using their mind to invent things. He also is implying that girls are not as smart as boys or incapable of inventing anything for themselves because they are ‘girls.’ The author went on to point out jobs that a boy or girl can have. Examples of this include “Boys as doctors. Girls are nurses.” “Boys are policemen. Girls are meter maids.” “Boys build houses. Girls keep houses.” While expressing what boys and what girls are expected to grow up to be this teaches the readers that boys and girls are not equal. They are not allowed to be what they want to be, but what their gender is expected to become based on society’s
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