Gender Roles In Non-Traditional Families

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The preconceived notion that all families and relationships follow traditional roles when it comes to a work and family balance is foolish. Traditional gender roles in a relationship have been women spending the most time at home doing housework and raising kids, while men solely focused on a 9 to 5 job. Times are changing and society is becoming more and more accepting of non-traditional families and relationships. When finding a balance between work and family, gender plays a huge role. Sometimes when looking at specific instances and relationships, it can provide insight that cannot be gained from statistics and charts. The couple I choose to analyze has been together for 20 years, both work the same job, and have 3 kids. They grew…show more content…
When Michelle had to leave her job in the early 2000’s a lot of the decision was made because of her desire to start a family and her difference in wage compared to John. Michelle was aware about the money she was leaving on table when leaving the workforce to raise children referenced in Ann Crittenden’s book The Price of Motherhood. Michelle being a successful well educated woman had a lot to lose from the “mommy tax”. (Crittenden) When John lost his job many years later it caused Michelle to try to rejoin the workforce. She sacrificed and worked a job she was overqualified for to bring in any amount of income until John found a new job. When John did find a job, Michelle decided she still wanted to work but wanted to seek a more rewarding one. With less experience, less qualifications, and after taking a hiatus she flipped the script and got a much higher paying job than John. Michelle is an avid supporter for equal wages for women and while she believes there is an unconscious sexist bias she says,” It takes women and men everywhere to stand-up for each other’… ‘find environments where they are treated equally.” John rightfully does not feel any shame in making less than Michelle. They Both are invested in the success of their family and not societal ideologies and personal
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