Gender Roles In Same Sex Relationships

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In S. Mays article, what about gender roles in same-sex relationships, published by Norton, Mays discusses same-sex relationships, and why no one is considered the girl in the relationship. More male gay couples are stereotyped about their identity then same-sex female relationships. This is simply because the roles a man does makes him look feminine. The life of typical same-sex relationships is characterized by appearance, masculinity and femininity. Appearance is mainly stereotypical on males because people talk about if the male cooks every night he is the female in the relationship. If one of the males plays sports or is more masculine than the other, he the man of the relationship. That's judging a book by its cover, just because one spouse is good at cooking or even shopping doesn’t make them the female they just have the better trait. (Mays, 2013). Being masculine doesn’t always consist of football type of sports. Opening the door for another individual rather same-sex or opposite doesn’t necessarily mean he is the man but because it’s simply a nice gesture. (Mays, 2013). Both spouses in the relationship are considered the man because that's what they were born to be. Just because they like other males doesn't mean they are females in a relationship. This statement goes for female same-sex relationships. There are some people are like I wonder who is the man of the relationship like she has muscles and plays sports while the other one shops and cooks dinner every
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