Gender Roles In The Movie Gidget

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Gidget: Breaking Waves and Gender Role Gidget, a 1959 film about a young girl who falls in love with surfing, helped establish a prominent foundation for surfing in California. To some, the film may simply be a feel-good story about surfing and American teen culture. To others, it’s about breaking stereotypical gender roles and their associated societal norms. The film released soon after World War II and the subsequent baby boom. This was a time with gave Americans a fresh new look on life, and a time when many young adults and teens had plenty of leisure time. “Gidget also marked the end of an era and the start of a new one.” Surfing and Gidget play a monumental role in shaping this new era by defying gender roles and leaving a lasting imprint on society. In 1950’s society, both women and men had their place. Although men may have more opportunities and differentiation than women, they both still have their places. Generally, a woman’s literal place is in the household, often the kitchen to be more exact. The typical housewife wears a conservative dress, heels, pearls, and possibly an apron depending on whether they are “on duty” or not. This standard lifestyle of women is portrayed well through Gidget’s mother. Gidget, however, does not seem to want to follow in the footsteps of her mother in this jail cell of a stereotypical matriarchal role. Instead of wiping cake batter off her fingers, Gidget would rather wipe sand off her feet after a long day of surfing. While
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