Socialization Of Gender Roles In The United States

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After reading and researching the section concerning gender, I gathered the following:
• Gender is socialized at birth and occurs through family association, education, peer groups, and mass media. (Transgender- Having a gender that is different from the gender one was assigned at birth.)
• Society created the standards and/or the norms for the bases of gender roles. Within the United States, alone, the masculine role is related with authority, strength, and aggression were as the feminine role is associated with being dependent, nurturing, and submissiveness. (Gender role- Social and behavioral norm that is generally considered appropriate for either a man or a women in a social setting or interpersonal relationship.)
• The expectation that
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Within the American culture, our youth are taught that the masculine roles of the male has traditionally been associated with their role of being strong and dominant and the feminine role of a female has traditionally been associated with their role of being the follower and the nurturer. Children learn the gender roles beginning at birth through the socialization process. Historically our society has always identified male infants with blue and female infants with pink, however, with the turning of the 20th century more neutral colors are being thrown into the mix. More expecting parents are adventuring away from traditional blue and pink and choosing the neutral colors such as green and yellow. Children learn gender socialization through family members, education, other children and social media. Each reinforces the gender role by displaying and maintaining the normal expectation for each genders behavior. Our youth are taught at an early age of the separate expectations of each gender. Parents often teach the role not knowingly but through association. Boys are associated with trucks, toy guns and superheroes that teach them motor skills and independence, whereas the girls are associated with baby dolls, dress costumes, and toy kitchens which teaches them nurturing and social
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