Gender Roles Of An Early Age

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In today’s society gender roles are very prevalent. Many people rely on gender on roles to tell them what they are supposed to do. From how they dress, what they eat, who they date, and how they interact with the world. Parents and other family members play a huge role in the gender roles of children. Many young boys are learning to be aggressive at an early age. Their parents are teaching them the basic gender roles of men, and aggression is one of them. “Boys and girls are dressed differently, receive different toys to play with, and sleep in bedrooms that are furnished differently. The world says that males should be strong, aggressive, and dominant. Then the world says that females should be nurturing, submissive, and supportive. Many people learn gender roles at an early age. For most people, the gender roles follow them into adulthood. Especially in men. Men tend to have more pressure forced upon them to live up to their gender roles. There is way more pressure on boys to be masculine. Most of the pressure comes from their parents. For females people tend to be more lenient if they do not follow the typical role as a woman. Many women began to mimic the male role because it presents power and respect. As stated previously males are typically labeled to be more aggressive than females. Aggression is any behavior intended to harm another individual. It is even presented in all kind of ways. Boys are taught to be like their fathers and be very masculine, unlike girls.
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