Gender Roles Of Disney Films

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When you think of Disney, you think about how everyone lives their happy ever after fairytale. Most Americans grew up with Disney and have a strong connection with the brand. Yet, there is a lot more to a classic Disney film, then what the average American sees the first time viewing. Gender roles, also known as gender stereotypes, are things to be considered appropriate to certain men or women and we are constantly surrounded by them without even realizing it. Cultural gender roles in America have changed over time, from when Disney animated films were first released. Women were only housewives at those times, they were responsible for cooking, cleaning, taking care of their kids, and other housework while the husband took care of…show more content…
Before she met the prince she had no individual power, as she was constantly being ordered around by her stepmother and stepsisters. Disney portrays the many stereotypical ideas of women being enslaved to a life of domestication in just this film Cinderella is commanded to do domestic work, and she is willingly accepted to do the work instead of complaining and even sings as smiles as she does the work. Even though this is also seen as a negative thing in the film, Cinderella is always obedient and never stands up for herself despite knowing the position she is in is unfair for her. At the end of the storyline Cinderella us released by the end of the storyline, but only because the prince saves her. Cinderella is portrayed as having no strength as a woman until a man comes along and helps her. Disney presents women as inferior, for they need a man to be successful in life. In the first Disney animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, many of the same stereotypes that are presented in the film Cinderella where first presented in this film as well. In the film, Snow White is taking refuge in the forest where she lives with seven dwarfs to hide from her stepmother who also happens to be the evil Queen. The queen is jealous of Snow White because Snow Whites fairness surpasses the Queens. Snow White ended up eating a poisoned apple which makes her fall in a curse and is later on saved by a
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