Gender Roles Of ' Herland '

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Gender roles in Herland . After reading different articles and “Herland”, written in 1915 by Gilman, I have been thinking about this question that what would a world without man be like? On the contrary, what would a world without woman be look like? Gilman in her fairy novel, described three men landing in a country where there are only women are living there. A fairy land with cooperation , peace , wisdom and achievement. The characters in this book seem to have been chosen carefully. Terry is a man who believes a woman’s place in the world is in the house cooking and serving the man. Jeff themas who thinks that the woman are to be idolized and protected. And finally Van, who seems to be between the other two at the beginning but he changes his wive as the book goes on. These three men decided to discover a hidden land populated entirely by women. Women in Herland have been reproducing with the air, apparently, birthing babies without men, and they all are independent of sexual friendships. In Herland, women are fully successful in their socitey with their production , education, and health. They are strong and they can make changes when things aren’t working for them. Their religion is unifying and it’s based on unique values that bringing them all together in an exclusive community. Everyone has a place and a value. They built up their own society without any man, and Gilman was really successful to picture a feminism view in her readers’ mind. However,…

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