Gender Roles Of Man And Woman

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From the beginning of the human race, gender roles of man and woman appeared to be straightforward with certain characteristics embedded in us. Women, being able to procreate, were sought to as nurturers, while men were to protect and provide for their family. Men were considered to be the dominant sex who lead, are powerful, and masculine, while women are considered to be nurturing, sensitive, and feminine. The stereotypes that individuals must encounter are visible everywhere from social situations to media representations. In terms of other cultures, it seems as if roles are more instilled without any stigma or confusion. There has been a great deal of controversy over the image individuals have of both males and females. Males are to be strong and masculine, while women are frail, feminine, and relatively considered to be the “weaker sex”. Defying all odds women proved that men were not the only ones who could participate in bodybuilding. Even with the stigma behind it and all the hoops that women had to jump through to compete, women manifested their determination. “The beauty sustains male privilege, but the ‘beast’ challenges it” (Bolin) What it comes down to is the underlining fact that some are inferior to the thought that women can be just as strong or in some cases stronger than a man. But whose place is it to wrongfully judge the decisions of another? Stereotypes have crucially impaired the vision of how individuals should act, look, or feel. “Stereotypes
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