Gender Roles Of Men And Women

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From the agricultural to industrial societies gender role has gradually changed in many ways. It can be seen from today that the role of male and female does not really much different. From the past with the perspective that women need to stay at home and perform housework while men need to work outside, these perspectives have changed over the time. Gender role which was built within the social contexts and since the globe has changed role of both men and women should be able to transform themselves to fit in the new society we live today. For these reasons there are a number of women who work outside rather than just stay at home and perform all housework. The aim of this essay is to examine how have notions of ‘men’s work’ been challenged by modern working women. The prevailing discussion encompasses the available literature, generally and more precisely focusing over law as profession. The following essay presents some key facts along with the theoretical ideas to express the competition between men and women within the chosen industry.
Scranton, (2014) stated that,
“True equality never lies behind the factors of gender, ethnicity, race, faith or political ideas.”
Since 20th century, the transformation of the work standards of men and women stand out in between several social, economical, technological, and cultural changes. Till the end of 1950’s, just a little segment of women i.e. about 29% seem to work outside of their home (Charles, 2014). However, contrary to

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