Gender Roles Of Men And Women

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Gender Roles in Fairy Tales
Fairy tales have been around for generations. They are a way to express the idealistic realities of society. In most fairy tales, the roles of men and women reflect the way men and women are portrayed in reality. Many cultures believe that women are to be seen and not heard and that the only necessity for them is to take care of the house and raise children to repopulate society. Fairy tales originated from oral tradition. These stories were passed down and here eventually written down. As known as a result of oral tradition the stories were changed to fit the audience and make storytelling more interesting. According to MPhil Kings, there are several broad classifications of types of fairy tales. There are animal tales, ordinary folktales, jokes and anecdotes, formula Tales and Unclassified Tales. For the most part, I will be looking at Ordinary Folktales. As stated before fairy tales are a result of the society they were told in. No one knows when fairy tales originated. They are thought to have been passed down from generation to generation until someone wrote them down. One of the most known authors of fairy tales is the Brothers Grimm. The Brothers Grimm consists of two brothers, Jacob Grimm, and Wilhelm Grimm. Jacob was born January 4, 1785, and Wilhelm was born February 24, 1786, in Hanau Germany. They grew up in Kassel after their father died. From there they began their studies at the University of Marburg. In 1806, the brothers began

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