Gender Roles Of The American Film And Television Industry

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Gender Slaves The America film and television industry’s excessive use of stereotypical gender roles has negatively influenced society. Stereotypical gender roles are based on standards expected of males and females. Men are considered to be financial providers, career motivated and aggressive. Whereas women have been represented as low position workers, loving wives and mothers. Despite television programs and films that attempt to promote positive concepts about gender, male superiority over women is still a reoccurring theme. Television programs and films are continuing to reinforce the image of female inferiority. The oppressive representation of women directly influences sexism ideologies. In “Putting the Me Back in Medical Drama: Grey’s Anatomy’s adventures in Mcfeminism,” Lara Hayhurst explains that males are placed at a higher pedestal than women regardless if the woman and man share the same position of power. While Lara Hayhurst argues that males are placed in a higher pedestal, James Cameron’s award winning film Avatar encourages male dominance and sexism. The female characters are placed in a high position of status such as a scientist and a helicopter pilot. Although the film attempts to diverge from common gender stereotypes, the dominant male sex has more authority in the film. This essay discusses the issues of why women in the mass media continue to display as inferior to the man even when placed in a position of status. In addition, American is
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