Gender Roles Of The Middle East

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Gender/Sex Roles in the Middle East In a society, gender roles are the roles that are restricted to males or females on the basis of their sexism. Conventionally, in numerous societies including the western society, it is supposed that females are more encouraged at any platform than the males. It is believed that for the development of a society, females should be treated in an encouraged way because encouragement of the females help in the betterment of society. Earlier, it was considered that females should remain at home and they should maintain the household things rather than working outside because outside work is only for the males, but it was a traditional way of treating women, which has been changed now. It was also believed that the role of male is always as a leader. Males are considered to be have leadership qualities. In the Middle East, males were always the leaders of home in the past, even in under developed or developing countries, male lead the family. So traditionally, it was conceptualized that the role of the male is only to provide money or financial support to the house. It was also considered the duty of male to take the important family decisions. Dominancy of males remained as such in many societies; however, the question on the support of gender was raised in the twenty-first century. The role of gender in a society is also important while deciding rights because it is assumed that both genders should not be treated equally. Even behavior

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