Gender Roles Of Women And Men

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For years, women have always been inferior to men. Even the bible states, women must be submissive. During War World II, women got a chance to experience a hint of freedom. Not by choice of course. While men went off to war, women had to hold down the fort at home. This marked the beginning to pioneer change. No one foresaw this innovation until it was too late. In a society were men are superior to women, was no longer susceptible. The road towards equality was certainly not an easy one. Although many successful strides towards women’s rights have been accomplished, women still to this day, are fighting. One major concern that women have been battling with for years, is income inequality. Not only is it biased towards women, but it is discriminatory. Since the end of War World II in 1945, until 2016, why is this still an ongoing issues? In order to answer that, we must first analyze our past. Gender roles of women and men in the 1930s was traditional. The Men provided and women were wives and mothers. During World War II, a plethora of women worked jobs with the intent off returning back to their domestic roles after the war. Most were jobs that men typically worked in. Some women obeyed, while millions were forced, or persuaded, to leave (Jannson, 2015). However, the cat was out of the bag. These women got to experience a dash of freedom and wanted more. Women who had to work outside the home during the 1930s before war, were often able to secure jobs in “feminine…
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