Gender Roles Of Women And Women

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1.a Gender roles are how a society believes a man or women should act based on their gender. Each society has its own gender roles, where a man might be expected to do something in one society a woman might be expected to do it in another one. An example of gender roles affecting women is that women are expected to take care of the housework and so they do chores around the house even if they have a job. Men are expected to be the breadwinner and support his family financially. Men are not expected to be as much of a homemaker as a woman and women are not expected to be the main breadwinner of a family. Gender roles offer advantages such as giving a person an idea on how they are supposed to act and what they are supposed to do. However,…show more content…
Another example of how the process of identification passing could pass on traditional gender roles is how the mother acts. Once again, the daughter would notice how the mother acts and would emulate the learned gender roles she gained from her mother. In the end, the identification process gives a reason to how traditional gender roles can carry on through multiple family generations. 2.a I do agree with the video that Disney movies can influence a person’s view on gender roles. I believe that a child who watches the movies is soaking up the information that the movies gives out regarding gender roles and how a person should act. When a child watches how a person acts in the movies I feel that they think that that is how you are supposed to act due to them being so young and not having any other references. It doesn’t help that all the Disney movies end on a jovial note which ultimately shows that all the appalling actions that happen in the movie is all right or even normal. Because the movies end happily I feel that it further reinforces a child’s view on how they act. I say this because everyone is often untroubled and joyful at the end of Disney movies, and I believe that everyone, especially a child, wants to be happy. Ultimately, I believe that Disney movies can influence how a person views gender roles. 2.b There are many dangerous outcomes of traditional female

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