Gender Roles Of Women And Women

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Throughout history, gender roles were portrayed based on their physical appearance and the ability to do things. Men were always considered the caretakers and protectors of their homes and never had to worry about what kind of outfit they had to wear the next day. Men were free to roam around in whatever clothing that appealed to them and no one seemed to care. However, in the case of women, they were the ones who did the house work all day and if she wanted to get an education that was something obscured. Also, woman had to dress in a certain way because their rights were dug down in the dirt and men treated them like objects. The gender norms depicted back then and now are still being attributed to men and women in today’s society. For…show more content…
The first connection we receive is that Duke kills his duchess, so that he can persevere and have her all to himself. His loves for the Duchess was strong, but sometimes lead to jealousy. The only way they can be together and no one would get in their way is by murdering her. The Duke thought it was okay to kill someone who he loves because it would be easier if no one else can have them, but that is what you call abnormal or someone portrayed as a psycho. Murder is too extreme in this situation and not always the answer. They could have talked it out or went to marriage counseling.
The idea of femininity and sexuality comes in to play because the Duke identifies his woman as a inadequate object, but still loves and worships her at the same time. In the first lines of “My Last Duchess”, we see the Duke praising or grieving for his dead lover by having a painting of her hung on the wall. “That’s my last Duchess painted on the wall. Looking as if she were alive.” We already assume that his lover is dead, but we don’t know how. Duke states in line 10, “the curtain I have drawn for you”. This specific line examines that Duke has covered up the portrait of his duchess with a curtain, which only he can unwrap and secure. No one could see the portrait of the Duchess expect him, unless the Duke wants them too. The Duke thinks that while she was still alive, many people were attracted to the

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