Gender Roles Of Women And Women

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Men and women are consistently sexualized and misrepresented in the media. These misrepresentations have serious implications on society and both sexes are constrained by these ideals. These ideal depictions of masculine and feminine are threatening to the already distorted gender roles. The media standards for beauty are outrageous and simply unattainable, putting immense pressure on women today. Moreover media targeting men present a constant theme of hyper masculinity that is normalized in male culture. Both exaggerations are detrimental to girls and boys today.

As a child grows up no matter the sex they are socialized with rules and norms to follow that align with their sex. The gender role is the behaviors, attitudes, and characteristics that are expected from a person based on their sex. Boys must be aggressive, masculine, and tough and outgoing where as girls must be submissive, sweet, caring and emotional (Schaefer & Halland, 2011. p.236). As the child grows they become accustomed to these norms through socialization. There are many agents of socialization that include, the family, role models, religion, education system, peers and most importantly the mass media. Media has such a strong influence on everyone’s life from the latest smartphone connecting to social networks, TV and magazines; it is able to shape our culture and influence public opinion and perception. Both genders are inaccurately depicted with hyper masculine and feminine aesthetics.…

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