Gender Roles Of Women In Sandra's House On Mango Street

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The life of a woman is shaped by harsh expectations and social norms. This theme is explored In House on Mango Street by Sandra where Esperanza’s life is impacted by gender roles as she feels that women are demoralized, as is shown as she talks about how women are treated and says she doesn’t wish to live this kind of life following in the footsteps of women who don’t follow their dreams. Gender roles shape Esperanza’s identity because she feels demoralized by the harsh expectations of women proven by the way her community are treated.
To begin with in my name, her grandmother unwilling to marry was kidnapped by her grandfather and forced to marry him. “Until my great grandfather threw a sack over her head and carried her off, just like that. She never forgave him and looked out the window for the rest of her life.” Esperanza saw the way her great grandmother lived and fears that it will become her future as she sees other people in the neighborhood leading the same kind of life.
In red clowns, she is being forced to conform to social norms as she gets grabbed while waiting for sally and is forced to kiss a man. “It wasn’t what you said at all. What he did. Where he touched me. I didn’t want it, Sally. The way they said it, the way it’s supposed to be, all the storybooks and movies, why did you lie to me. The one he grabbed me by the arm, he wouldn’t let me go. He said I love you, Spanish girl, I love you and pressed his sour mouth to mine. Sally, make him stop. I couldn’t

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