Gender Roles

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“Gender Roles”
Tracey Mariner

University of Phoenix Online
January 27, 2008

I. Defining the undefined gender role.

A. Male vs. Female
1. What is the male role?
2. What is the female role?
3. Are these roles concrete?

B. Gender Roles
1. Who define gender roles?
2. How are they defined?
3. These definitions are not consists to what we see.

II. Family A. Gender roles define by our families.
1. What is our mother’s perception of gender role?
2. What is our father’s perception of gender role?
3. Why is our parent’s depiction of these roles important to how we see ourselves?

B. The avenue as to how the perception is shaped.
1. What helps to shape or mothers perception?
2. What helps to shape
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Women are now choosing to work to help support the family so that their marriages will not suffer.

We have determined the role of the male to be defined as one of a provider and extreme masculinity. The man is the one that provides financially, has the upper hand, has the finally say, and is to be revered as well as feared. He is not to feel or have emotions or show any sign of weakness no matter what. The male role is the role of the protector. The male role is looked at as and portrayed as one of dominance. Although the male role is unclear and in a sense undefined, but the male role is easily learned. The male role is innate and brought on by nature and one that is taken on as the male develops and grows.

The male role is a leadership role. We place great emphasis on the female serving the male as master and lord. He goes to work all day and provides the money for the family to live, so his responsibility when he comes home is to relax and take it easy. The male role is a role of authority. In many TV series we see that the father has the final say. Many cases we would hear things such as wait to your father gets home or go ask your father, and one would gather that if you need permission for anything you must go to dad.

The female role has been determined and has been defined in a sense as the nurturer and extreme femininity. The female role has been known as the home maker and care giver of the family. Looking at

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