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Gender Roles Written Paper #1 Rory Muskin SOC101C15 Kristin Grant Abstract Assignment Instructions After watching the films, write a response paper (4-5 paragraphs) based upon on the following questions: 1) Are the differences between boys and girls based upon biology, or are they just social constructions? Include educational material to support the position. 2) How could children learning specific roles for boys and girls be harmful to society? Include educational material to support the position. 3) Are the gender roles for boys and girls as limiting as in previous generations or are they beginning to change? Include educational material to support the position. Submit your…show more content…
Physically, women were built to with stand more pain, necessary for child birth, and a body that was tailored towards nursing the children, with softer edges. Her brain was also built for problem solving, but was instilled with so much more. She was also capable of compation, tenderness, intelligence, multitasking, and reason. These traits that were given to women, had to be taught to man, and would help in the evolution of our species as humans (Eckert, Penelope and McConnell-Ginet, Sally, 1997). These basic and primitive rules that were ingrained in us by nature have been the essence of human civilization. Over the last hundred years, these rules have been broken. Man, through the female protests, were now starting to see that women were so much more than home makers who were being pushed around by man for ages. Women’s voices were starting to be heard. For too long has society deemed what was right for women (whose laws were written by man)? As women gained rights, so did man’s perception on women start to gain more respect. From the days of “Rosie the Riveter”, when women were involved in what was once man’s work, keeping the workforce going at home while the majority of men were off at WWII. To today, where women have almost as many rights as men, the view of society has changed and evolved. Nowadays, it seems that these once set in stone rules are being broken. Whether you grew up watching cartoons or

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