Gender Roles Post Ww2 Essay

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Time changes many thing as it goes along and passes on of these things is gender and the ways that it effected society as a whole. As we have went through these last few units we have witness the drastic changes that gender roles have gone through. From Pre WWI to Post WWII we see not only how women went staying at home doing nothing much other than taking care of the children to being key contributors to the work force and the ways they ways they went about it should as Women’s suffrage and the ERA . Also how mens roles in America changed too and well as the start of the LGBT community in San Francisco. Throughout History there has been defined gender roles that were set in stone. Men more often than not a the bread winner and had more physical roles. Women on the other hand had the less physical roles such as staying at home cooking clean and childcare. As we have went along we had seen as time moved on there has a been a change in this in a very big a and aggressive way. Starting back at the beginning of…show more content…
As time grew it was still unusual to but we saw men staying at home more and them giving up more jobs to women. For example later on in the during the Vietnam War there was gender segregation this encouraged homosexual behavior among both men and women. This was a big thing in the City of San Fransisco because of its military influence. San Fran became the front runner for legislation and movement in was is known now as the LGBT community. Many people were dishonorably discharged for homosexual behavior in San Francisco, since this was a port city this is where they got dropped off. Most of which were to scared to go home for fear of being disowned or persecution. Another reason was that San Francisco became the center of all this behavior is because California was one of the few states that were more accepting when it came to all issues including sexuality and
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