Gender Roles : Sees Behind Trees By Michael Dorris

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For centuries, there have been many societies with stereotypical gender roles that usually involve the men holding the positions of power and the women doing the domestic chores. Historically, men are usually considered to be the stronger of the two sexes and in most societies, it is up to the men to take care of the family. During the twentieth century, women in America began breaking boundaries when they earned the right to vote. More recently, there has been a breakthrough with gender roles as women are beginning to take charge in the workplace. Now, gender roles are not as defined and clear. The change of the roles of men and women are reflected in the media and in literature. More and more books and movies represent strong female…show more content…
The werowance is a strong female character who everyone respects and obeys. An example of the werowance’s influence is seeh when she raises her hand and everyone goes silent. The female leader is just one example of how the tribe in Sees Behind Trees is a matriarchy. Another example is the role of the women in the family. The women are the ones who teach the children how to shoot a bow and arrow. This is unique because in most societies, it is the men who pass on their hunting knowledge to their sons while the women and daughters take care of the cooking and cleaning. Another sign that the tribe is a matriarchy is apparent because Bring the Deer lives with his sister. Typically, if a woman is unmarried, she would live either with her parents or with her brother. It is rare that a woman would live by herself in this time period. In Walnut’s society, his uncle lives with them instead of living on his own, which in some ways is emasculating because it hints that Brings the Deer and other men are unable to live by themselves. In Collins’s The Hunger Games, the futuristic society seems to be similar to our own when it comes to the role of gender and leadership. In other words, men and women seem to be equal. One example of this is that a girl and a boy are chosen for the games. Another example is that both the President and the Mayor are men in the first book, but later on, the President is a

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