Gender Roles Since High School

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Gender roles resurfaced as a pivotal factor in my life during my late adolescence. In our culture different sports are considered to be male and female dominated respectively. Unfortunately little is done to challenge or resist these societal norms and I experienced this first hand during my senior year of high school. Volleyball, which is considered to be a sport primarily for girls and women, was not offered to boys at my high school. Subsequently, I was forced to petition for approval towards the creation of a male volleyball which ultimately went unsuccessful due to time constraints and unwillingness to help from staff and administration. While this example pertained to male exclusion countless female friends of mine struggled to participate in male-dominated sports throughout high school including wrestling and lacrosse. “Part of what schools are supposed to be doing under Title IX, and often are not doing, is regularly assessing girls ' interest, looking to see what sports girls are playing and asking girls what they want to play that is currently not being offered” (Wallace). In this instance my districts athletic director directly impacted the sporting experiences for the entire student body by failing to adhere to sufficient standards with respect to gender norms. High school sports presented a unique culture with respect to sport. Trends throughout my high school strongly reinforced dominant ideologies throughout society. Links between athletic success and…
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