Gender Roles : The New Man Of Disney / Pixar `` And Dude, You 're A Fag

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Many People are interested to know how we get our gender roles. The articles “Why Do We Make So Much Of Gender?”, “Post-Princess Models Of Gender: The New Man in Disney/Pixar” and “Dude, You’re a Fag: Adolescent Masculinity and the Fag Discourse” comply well with this topic. Gender roles have dramatically changed in the past few decades especially the roles of females as in the past they were thought to be the property of men. Stereotypes have played a big part on gender roles. The most common male stereotypes are independent, strong, and aggressive; whereas females are delicate, emotional and supportive. However, when these sexes act in opposite manners they are labeled “fags”. Although Gender role discrimination may be considered nonexistent in today 's society it still plays a huge role in our lives.
Ever since the beginning of history, women have been discriminated because of their gender. They were not allowed to attend school much of the time, couldn 't vote, couldn 't possess anything and couldn’t even work for themselves. Such denial of freedom has made females seem weak and unequipped for making their own decisions. Kids start to take in their sex roles at an extremely young age. Boys must identify what men do, what they like, and even how they think and feel. The girls do the same as they take in the parts for the women.
The media 's emphasis on appearance has contributed to low self-esteem in many teenage girls. Feminist believe young girls are becoming more
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