Gender Roles : Women And Society

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One can always wonder how our society would be impacted if women have become gamers. In our society today, men are not the only gamers anymore. In many instances now, one can see women play a game that only men used to play once. Women 's participation in gaming has led to several changes in the family and society. Since women now started to play video games, this changes our society as a whole. The question that arises is, since there are women gamers, how does this affect gender roles within our families and society? When one looks at the gender roles before there were women gamers, one can see a significant difference. Women’s roles consisted of caring for and educating her children, buying, preparing and storing food for the family, buying goods the family needs in everyday life, cleaning and maintaining the home. While on the other hand, men would go to work, then come home to a cleaned house with food on the table and after they ate would go on to relax by playing video games. Recently women have become a part of the gaming market. According to the IDSA, 43% of all gamers in America are women. Studies show that among online gamers the percentage is even higher: 50.4%. Now in our society women gamer make up 50.4% of gamers, this changes our gaming community. The majority of gamers now are females in their late 30s. These middle-aged women contribute more than 5 hours a week to gaming. Since they are putting in so much time into gaming, women in this age group have

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