Gender Roles in Movies Essay

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Gender Roles in Contemporary Film and Music
The representations of women in film.

In contemporary film women's roles in films have varied quiet considerably between genres, geographical placement, and between period settings. These factors contribute to the different representations of women's roles in the film they are present in.
These roles are diverse going from the traditional maternal role to that of manipulative murderer. In contemporary media these roles are given higher status, in the pass the highest a female role could be at most was a side-kick or a co-star, they were given the title leading lady if they were at there best and yet they would always be second best. However, in present times in more
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This is in complete contrast to that which is portrayed of the male figure in the films of contemporary times and even in the early years of the film business and yet in comparison to today there is a great variation to the representations. They have moved on a lot in comparison to the older films and yet in contemporary films it is not as noticeable as we live in a more liberated time for women yet the
'film business still is pre-dated in comparison' to the position of women within the maintenance of society as this is not a representation of the 'social realism' of the times we are presently in. This is noticed when we compare it with the male representations the in especially of contemporary times.

The representations of men in films.

In contemporary film the men's roles in the films have been quiet constant in their representation of the male gender in the films by which they are depicted. Just like in past films the male roles have usually been in the lead thus the representation of the men are that of their leadership qualities
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