Gender Secrecy : Sex And Gender

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Aalap Pandya Valorie Ebert ENC1102-8:00 am 4 September, 2014 Poisson First Draft Gender Secrecy Sex and gender are commonly misconstrued to mean the same thing. Which causes stereotypes and expectations to be created on the idea that they are one. The stereotypes and expectations are as follows; boys should be dirty and aggressive who love action figures and the color blue, who have to grow up and have high status roles in society so they can be successful. Girls, on the other hand, should be delicate, who love makeup, dolls, and the color pink and then they have to become mothers or have a caretaking job like nursing. Gender stereotypes This is not the case because sex is biological and gender is how an individual identifies themself. Therefore, the stereotypes and expectations cause consequences in society. The article written by Jayme Poisson, called “Parents Keep Child’s Gender Secret,” is about one family who is trying to avoid placing gender stereotypes on their children. The couple, Kathy Witterick and David Stocker, are raising two boys, Jazz and Kio, who have the freedom to be who they want along with a baby, Storm, who is going to remain ‘gender-free’ until he/she decides what he/she wants. They want to avoid the the consequences that come with the stereotypes and expectations. The consequences are limitations which prevent uniqueness, high expectations which add unwanted pressure, childhood upbringing which passes down the stereotypes and expectations to the
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