Gender Segregation And Gender Roles

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Many writers deepen the meaning of their works through social issues they tackle within their writing. Each social issue that a writer writes about is most often one that is impactful on their life. Most often authors who are African American write about racial segregation, or perhaps a religious man writes about the religious persecution he faces. People remember authors, such as Lorraine Hansberry, for writing about both racial segregation and the changing role of women in society. This is evident in A Raisin in the Sun. In her A Raisin in the Sun, Hansberry makes use of gender roles as part of characterization and the plot; she does this by switching the roles of genders, showing the different views on gender roles, and the battle…show more content…
When she denies him the money for the store, he responds, “You tell that to my boy tonight when you put him to sleep on the living-room couch” (I.ii.). Walter uses this form of pathos so that he can persuade his mother for the money. He wants his mother to understand that with this money he can finally become the man of the house and provide for his family. During the 1950-60s, it is uncommon to find women going to college. Even more so, it is extremely rare to find an African American women there. Women are still found in nursing positions and as housewives. The only nursing positions an African American woman can find is at a hospital in a predominantly African American area. Housekeeping as a maid and cooking is the main jobs that these women have, but, “ a counter ideology was beginning to emerge that challenged women’s so-called traditional domestic role in society. This ideology was bolstered by the increasing employment of wives and mothers in the marketplace” (McLeer 81). Beneatha Younger is one who applied this knew ideology to her life. In the play, she attends medical school to become a doctor. Beneatha is a non-traditionalist who wants more in her life than an average woman life. She has two men in her life that she tries to discover who she wants to be with. One man is from a wealthy family whom everyone in her family wants
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