Gender Selection In The United States

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Sex• Se•lec•tion noun the attempt to control the sex of the offspring to achieve a desired sex.
It can be accomplished in several ways, including pre- and post-implantation of an embryo. One way preimplantation can happen is through sperm sorting. Doctors separate the female chromosomes from the male, so the woman can be inseminated with the sperm of her desired sex. Another method is through IVF, which has an almost 100% success rate. Embryos are fertilized by sperm and then incubated for a few days. The doctor then selects a normal cell with the desired sex and implants it in the woman’s uterus. This process was first created for medical purposes, to prevent gender-prone disease from getting passed on. Reasons have changed now for why people choose to select the gender of their child, as people are choosing this process either for family balancing, they have a preferred gender, or
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Although, most of the people in the United States that undergo gender selection, choose girls, a large amount of people who come from Asian or Caucasian descent, choose boys. America is one of the few countries that actually allow gender selection; Canada, the UK, and Australia are just some of the few that have banned it. When people choose a gender, they expect a certain stereotypical role to follow. This reinforces constricting and false gender roles. Girls do not always dress in pink and boys do not always like baseball and trucks. “Do we really want to allow parents to thrall to gender stereotypes to engineer their children for the sole purpose of meeting ephemeral and superficial cultural norms?” (Dollar). If someone goes through so much money and effort to choose a child of a certain gender, they are supporting stereotypes that are damaging to both girls and boys. What happens when you get a girl who does not do all the girly things you were hoping? Or your boy does not like to play sports or get dirty? You can not give them
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