Gender Selection Through Prenatal Diagnosis and Abortion

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In today’s day and age there are new forms of technology being developed to accomplish just about any task and make any sort of wish possible. With this being said many human beings throw caution to the wind and decide to take action on their every want and need. When it comes to the process of procreating and bringing a child into this world parents can find themselves hoping and wishing for one gender over another. In order to ensure that the gender they want is what they get parents can go through variations of processes in order to select the desired gender for their baby. Many in today’s world have deemed these sorts of practices unethical and immoral and some forms of religion refuse the idea of it. “The prospect of preconception…show more content…
When parents decide to take matters into their own hands it goes against what some believe to be God’s plan and disrupts the God given blessing of having a child.
Why is it that most parents want to have a son born first rather than a daughter? Along with that question raises other questions concerning sexism and the incline of families preferring males to females and why. In the figure to the left we see that there are two gender symbols, one for male and one for female. The female’s gender symbol appears to have an X through it while the males symbol has a check mark in it. This is a visual representation of how the world is gender-stereotyping women in general and choosing the male gender over female due to personal reasons of the father and mother. There could be reasons such as a father seeing the males as dominant figures thus wanting to start out his family on a strong foot. Another example could be a father wanting the son he always dreamed of having that he could play baseball and football with and wrestle in the mud with. Or maybe he wants to give his son the type of life that he never had growing up as a child. These sorts of things are the stereotyped gender roles of males throughout history and the types of sons that fathers wish to have (Malpani, “Preconception Gender Selection”). Why is it that parents don’t want to start families with females? A study of 101 consecutive elective
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