Gender Separation in Public Restrooms

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For most of the general population, the decision of which restroom to use when in public is really not much of a decision at all. No thought needs to be put into it, people just choose one and go. For a transgender person deciding upon which restroom to use can be an agonizing decision to make, one that can lead to severe anxiety. Most businesses and schools have very clearly defined “men’s” and “women’s” restrooms. Within the transgender community, it is not that black and white. A transgender person is defined as somebody whose gender identity is different than the sex they were assigned with at birth (“New Law”). In simpler terms, it is a person who identifies as the opposite sex. This makes choosing which restroom to use when in…show more content…
Some people think that it should remain as such. Although this may be a sound argument, it lacks any real substance. Men and women have lived together since the beginning of time and to say that each doesn’t know what the other does in the restroom is absurd. Another issue some people have is that bathrooms are often used for socializing, hence why women frequently use the restroom together. Many people are concerned that integrating restrooms could cause the loss of the same-sex socialization. However, there is no reason that there can’t still be socializing in a mixed-gender bathroom. Lack of privacy is yet another concern of people opposed to gender-neutral restrooms. Moreover, a lack of gendered privacy seems to be the concern. Many people already have a level of discomfort when using a public restroom. For women, it tends to lean towards the lack of femininity that is associated with the elimination of body waste. Expelling excrement has long been viewed as taboo and something that girls just don’t do. Many women find issue with being able to use the facilities when only women are in there. Therefore the thought of having to do it with men in the same room can be a very uncomfortable idea. However, the reality is people on a subconscious level know what goes on in the bathroom. Men know that women do the same things that they do. While it is something that is seldom discussed, everyone knows what the
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