Gender Seperation

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Karen S. Autrey
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Gender Separation Nike had made great gains with highly successful advertising campaign that positioned the corporation as the champion of girls’ and women’s rights inside and outside of sports. One influential TV spot included images of athletically active girls and women, with the voice-over saying things like, “If you let me play, I’ll be less likely to drop out of school.” (Dworkin and Messner 556) In the above example, Nike is showing support to women athletes by advertising women athletic footwear. Because of this participation, Nike has influenced other corporations to do the same by making great gains for their support. For years gender separation has existed and mainly alienating women from
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Next, marketing must remain gender specific. One way marketing exists as gender specific is through advertisements and the anticipated target crowd. Displayed up and down the streets of town, individuals notice the dozens of billboards placed to aid in the advertising of products. The billboard advertisements remain geared towards men or women depending on the product being advertised. For example, the Harley-Davidson motor clothes advertisement that Kilbourne mentions on her article of “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt” says, “where women are women and men are road kill” (604). The ad itself shows a woman dressed in motor clothes representing a hard and angry look. Advertisements, every now and then, begin to appear in a manner where it uses the opposite gender to bring in the customers. The ad that comes in mind is the men’s Mach 1 razor commercials. Throughout the Mach 1 commercial, women’s sex appeal is used while the woman rubs the man’s soft, shaven face in hopes to lure men to purchase their merchandise. The underlying message created in the commercial shows men that using the Mach 1 razor they will be showered with beautiful women. Another way marketing is gender specific is by movies. Gender stereotyping remains prevalent throughout these Disney released films. Movies like Mulan demonstrate a great example of gender separation. In the movie Mulan, the daughter, Mulan, is not allowed to fight in the military
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