Gender : Sex And Gender Socialization

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Sex and Gender Socialization Before we learned this chapter, I didn 't know that sex and gender are different to each other, all I know is that gender and sex have the same meaning which referred to male and female. Recently, I just learned the difference between sex and gender, which is sex is like our biological difference which what makes people male and female, while gender is what the society reinforces a person to be based on their expectations and behaviors of being a male and female. In this essay, I will explain how this gender role affects us then and now especially our parents, the society, and media. We know that gender socialization has an important role in our community. In a very young age, parents teach us gender role. They show us behaviors and the positions that suit to our gender. So basically, we already know how to behave according to our gender in an early age. Same thing in media, mostly in advertisements, they show us men and women are used depend on a product that they 're endorsing. Children who are knowledgeable about being male and female come from their parents. From being a baby, they dressed us up accordingly whether we’re boy or a girl to a teenager, that tells us which group of friends we are supposed to be within. My mother has the most significant role in educating my mind about the usual things that female do. When I was a baby, my mom used to “dolled” me up. She 's always telling the way how she dressed me up like a doll.…

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