Gender, Sex and Society of Jamaicans

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Question: Examine and discuss the main ideas put forward by prof. Errol Miller in his theory of “male marginalization” and responses to this theory presented by at least three well known Caribbean scholars as well as your own views. What is wrong with our males? This question is a frequently asked question among Jamaicans. “The sight of idle males on the road corner, the daily news of the brutal, senseless murders they commit, their virtual dereliction of higher education, their cruelty to ladies, their show of a value system alien to the one the majority grasp(Henry, 1999). All these and plenty of additional examples of behaviors that the majority people fail to grasp prompt the question, “what is wrong with our males?” One attempt to provide an answer among the sphere of education was Errol Miller's ‘Marginalization of the Black Jamaican Male’ (1986).Errol Miller, professor at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica, coined the term ‘male marginalisation’, within the late1980s. Marginalisation can be defined as “Treating an individual, group, or idea as insignificant or peripheral” (Oxford Dictionary Language Matters, 2014). Several other creditable persons along with Errol Miller spoke to the issues of male marginalization. They embodied Dr. Eudine Barriteau, Dr. Barry Chevannes, Mark Figueroa, and Marlene Hamilton. In Errol Miller’s book "Men at Risk" he stated that "The depiction of Caribbean societies points to lower-strata men’s marginal positions within the

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