Gender Socialization And Gender Roles

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Early gender socialization is perhaps one of the most relevant issues and debates of early childhood. The beginnings of stereotypes for gender roles are typically established at birth, and continue a process of learning specific cultural roles and standards in accordance with the sex of the individual. Gendered interactions begin early in the family and hence influence the process of gendered socialization, as was such the case for myself growing up. Socialization comes from a number of sources: religion, peers, schooling, media, parents, and the overall family unit. For myself growing up, I was immensely influenced by my family and their expectations as far as gendered socialization. I was raised in the small city of Del City in Oklahoma. Growing up, both of my parents were in the picture, but my mom was single, while I saw my dad every weekend. I also had two sisters for my siblings. We played with traditional toys for girls: dolls, babies, little kitchen sets, and the like. In a sense, we were like any other ‘normal’ American family, honoring such holidays as Thanksgiving and Christmas. On these holidays, my extended and immediate family would always get together and celebrate these holidays with big family dinners. Memories such as these made my childhood very special. Overall when I reflect on my childhood, I felt secure in my relationships and was shown ample love from my parents and family. My mom was a more ‘traditional’ figure of the household as she…
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